Too Much to do and not enough Time?
Hire a Virtual Assistant

Frustrated Business Owner

Joanne-Claire, is a a Virtual Assistant providing professional website development and administrative services to small businesses with the intent of increasing success by providing a professional helping hand.

• Let an experienced full charge bookkeeper handle the daily entries, a certified QuickBooks Pro!

•  Exceptional website development and an organized administrator to get your office running efficiently

• Focus on important matters, improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and business growth

• Stop bogging your mind down from the overload pressure of your growing to-do list and be fresh and open to new ideas and creativity

• Pay only for the work you need, when you need it

• Stop spending late nights in the office working til the wee hours of the morning

• Get rid of those time draining tedious tasks that consume too much productive time and utilize the brilliance you’ve worked hard to achieve