Joanne-Claire, your Virtual Hero
It’s my business to make your business thrive,

Hello, my name is Joanne-Claire and I am educated and experienced, committed and dependable, professional and discreet. I believe my strongest attribute is my people skills. I am very easy-going, warm-hearted and compassionate. I find it extremely gratifying when I can contribute to someone else’s joy of success. I am a hardworking, honest and reliable person who sets high standards and strives for above satisfactory results.

I am a “planner”. I like things  neatly organized and run precisely. Obviously, life doesn’t usually work out that way so I work hard to rapidly resolve whatever obstructs my way until I achieve my goal.

For 10 years I owned and operated a live television broadcast company, providing coordination of live television events throughout the U.S. and in 24 countries. The profession taught me a great deal about working under pressure, management, prioritizing, multitasking and dealing with a variety of people in many states of emotion. There was a significant amount of administrative responsibility required daily. That experience provided the necessary tools to create a foundation for my future.

I possess QuickBooks Certification, A+ Certification, and cultivated tools to do what I do best, help other people prosper! Among my strongest attributes are:

• Full command of the Office Suite Interface — Synchronizing QuickBooks with the advanced features of Excel. Provide Advanced Administrative & Full Charge Bookkeeping with special emphasis in reconciliation, provide training, office organization and able to provide efficient data entry to sales calls to office manuals.

• Professional and effective communicator

• Full charge bookkeeper – Certified in PC, Mac or Cloud Based QuickBooks programs uniting the advanced features of Excel for tailor made reports.

• Advanced Administration Capabilities that include being outstandingly organized, very detail minded, very energetic with an uplifting attitude

You will discover an extremely hard-working associate, one who will serve as a model of encouragement with the ability to demonstrate a high standard of professionalism. I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate the many attributes I possess, that will benefit you the most.


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